About the Paw Pages


The founders have been pet parents and advocates of animal rights for years. Just like any devoted pet parents, we of course have had to search the web for various pet service companies. What we found was that it often took a lot more time and effort to find what we were looking for than it should. The pet service industry is made up of a lot more small businesses than most industries – and little businesses don’t usually have the luxury of investing as much into their online presence. This makes it harder for a lot of the small pet businesses to get found easily, so it’s bad for them and it’s bad for the customers looking for them.


When we dug into it, we were surprised to see there was really no nationwide pet focused directories in Canada. What we did find was mostly out dated and not very useful. We saw a need for a well built Canadian Pet Services Directory and since there wasn’t one, we needed to build it. We’ve done so with goals in mind for both customers and business owners.


For Customers

The Paw Pages is meant to be the most complete and easy to use place to find pet services all across Canada. Quick and easy with contact info, maps and directions all easy to access. Accessible from mobile devices smoothly, so you can be on the go and quickly look up and find what you need.


For Business Owners

The Paw Pages gives you added exposure to a focused target audience. People that visit the Paw Pages are specifically looking for pet servicesOwners can very easily sign up on the site and “claim” their listing, so they can add to it, and with our inexpensive yearly upgrades (even our GOLD listing costs about the same as 1 nice coffee per month!) , can have very complete listings that can help deliver new customers to your door. We really built this to accommodate all the small pet businesses that don’t have big budgets.

We see lots of little businesses with websites that don’t meet Google’s mobile requirements (failing that makes your site rank much lower on mobile searches, losing you business) and many sites that are so old/outdated that they won’t be winning you customers. We understand, small pet businesses can’t always afford the big up front costs of having a professional website built, so we put together our easily affordable monthly packages so that even the smallest pet business can have a professional, mobile responsive website. Now, even the little guy can have a website that meets Google and Bing’s search requirements and looks great so when people go to your site they want to contact you, not click away to the other guy.