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Advertise on the Paw Pages


Interested in advertising your pet business on the Paw Pages? We offer a limited number of small banner ad spaces so the site maintains it’s integrity as the place to find pet services without being spammed with advertisements. This keeps the people that use the site happy as well as allowing the limited number of ads to stand out.


We can create your banner ads if you require that, so it’s easy to get your ad up.


Standard Banner Ads


Standard banner ads have high visibility placement, being shown on ALL pages, including search result pages.

Standard ad sizes would be 250px wide x variable heights available from 150px to 400px

Paw Pages ads are booked quarterly.


Front Page Featured Ads


Very limited front page featured ads;

Have your business featured in the large slider on the front page for maximum exposure.

Or “content width” large banner at the bottom of the front page text.


For more information or to book your advertising, contact [email protected]