Choosing a rescue dog

Shelters & rescue groups work hard to find the right homes for the dogs they’ve rescued. It doesn’t do the dog or the adopter any good if it isn’t a good fit, so they want the best fit possible. They generally do their best to evaluate each dog’s behavior and needs. Just like some people lead very active lives and other are relaxed stay at home types, dogs differ like that as well. A couple factors to consider when you’re ready to adopt a dog;


  • Your activity level – are you active and need a jogging companion or do you like to spend more time relaxing on the couch?
  • Size of dog – do you have reasonable space for the size of dog? Can you or someone in the family lift the dog if you needed to? It’s not essential, but it’s something to consider. Bigger the dog, the bigger the food budget, and larger breeds are more prone to hip problems as they age.
  • Family – is everyone ready for this? Will responsibilities be shared by family members or just one person?
  • Pets & kids – Do you have kids or other pets? Is the dog good with kids or other animals is important in getting the right match.


The benefits of choosing a rescue dog are really great. You’re rescuing a dog that’s in a bad situation and will be making it’s life so much better than it would be otherwise. Many people who’ve adopted rescue dogs say the dogs really seem to know how special what you’ve done is and the love they show for their adopters is incredible. The saying “Saving one dog will not change the world, but surely for that one dog, you will change it’s world” is absolutely true, and very often they bring a positive change to yours too. Whether adopting from the local shelter or an organization rescuing dogs from the street or illegal meat trades in Asia, you will change it’s life and become the most important thing in it’s life.

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